How to use ListFellas


ListFellas are social way to create lists based on specific topic. Ideally there should be just one list for each topic, so don't be afraid to add items to lists made by others.

User votes are based on item's correspondence to specific list, you are not rating movie itself but movie's accordance to list.

Create lists

To provide best experience, we suggest following steps for creating a new list:

  1. Start typing the name of your list;
  2. Lists by similar names will be suggested, check for existing lists first;
  3. Tell more about your list in description (optional);
  4. Start adding movies and TV shows by searching by title and year.

  • Lists should be unique
  • Don't start lists like "My favorite action movies", etc. Other users can't contribute to lists like that.


Vote on how well item fit to list name and description.
For example, in a list "Scariest horror movies" you should up-vote scariest movies and down-vote less scary and unfit movies to given topic.


You are automatically subscribed to the lists you've created and will receive email notification upon new items added in your list. You can also subscribe to any other list to receive notification.

All subscribed lists are displayed in your settings under "Subscriptions" tab. Here you can also unsubscribe for any of lists.


Enjoy, discover interesting movies and have a good time!