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Funny, smart / intelligent comedies

Help me create list of comedies that does not insult your intelligence

Best Snowboarding movies

Movies with best helicopter scenes
ActionDramaThriller 4


Supernatural TV series
DramaFantasyThriller 1

Best adventure movies

Movies about skydiving
ActionThrillerAdventure 7

List also includes other movies containing real skydiving / base jumping scenes

Top ass kicking adrenaline movies

No thinking, no complex problem solving just plain ass kicking

Ultimate Halloween Horror movie mega list
HorrorThrillerMystery 3

Please vote for the best and scariest horror movies you’ve seen and help me organize ultimate horror...

Mindf*ck movies

Mind bending, mind warping and all kind of "what the f*** just happened" movies. In other wo...

S&P Movie Nights

Our jam.

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