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Funny, smart / intelligent comedies

Help me create list of comedies that does not insult your intelligence

Supernatural TV series
DramaFantasyThriller 1

Movies with best helicopter scenes
ActionDramaThriller 4


Ultimate Halloween Horror movie mega list
HorrorThrillerMystery 3

Please vote for the best and scariest horror movies you’ve seen and help me organize ultimate horror...

Movies set in or related to psychiatric hospitals
DramaThrillerHorror 1

People go crazy all the time, some of them end up in asylum. This is a list of movies when you think...

Best modern cult movies

Movies that have gained a huge following. They may have been around for a while, but they still are ...

Horror movies about sharks

Where the sharks are the bad ones

Best Snowboarding movies

Top ass kicking adrenaline movies

No thinking, no complex problem solving just plain ass kicking

Childhood movies if You're born in 197x

Remember all the wonderful movies You've seen in childhood but don't remember the exact titl...

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